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Welcome to the logo Spacemacs wiki!

This wiki is aimed for all stuff that are not dependent of the release cycle of Spacemacs. Typical usage is for project management purpose. Do not use this wiki for configuration snippets, tips, etc…

Contributors area

This section contains pages aiming to organize the community work.

Page Usage
:wrench: Go-to persons The list of persons who are engaged and able to help in their specialized field.
:arrows_counterclockwise: Loading process guide Explanation about the Spacemacs loading process.
k Keymaps guide Description of the keymaps organization.
:eyeglasses: Debugging Useful information about debugging and reporting.

Contributing documentation

This section gives links to the main Spacemacs documentation files. You should have a quick look at all of these if you want to start contributing.

Page Usage
CONTRIBUTING A guide explaining how to start contributing.
CONVENTIONS The conventions used by Spacemacs.
DOCUMENTATION The general – and hopefully complete – documentation.
FAQ The FAQ with commonly asked questions.
LAYERS Tutorial and presentation of configuration layers.
QUICK_START A quick start explaining important concepts of Spacemacs.
CREATING_A_PULL_REQUEST A Beginner's Guide to Contributing a Pull Request to Spacemacs

Current Community Initiatives (Spring 2019)

Page Usage
:seedling: :blossom: Spring Cleanup 2019 Organization of a spring cleanup for 2019

Old pages

Page Usage
:fallen_leaf: Autumnal Cleanup 2015 Organization of the autumnal cleaning 2015.
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