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a module for use in Foundry VTT
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A way to browse compendium spells and sort/filter them with various filters.


You can filter by any attribute a spell can have, either by using one of the predefined filters, or by using the advanced text filter at the top. You can access the Browser in the Compendium section of the sidebar


As a GM you can set which Compendie should be loaded. Make sure to only select compendie that have spells in them, since the module will search through all selected compendie for spells, so the more compendie are selected, the longer is the loading time. After the first load the module will cache all spells, so the loadtimes will be much better after the first time opening the browser in each session. You can reset settings by right clicking the settings button.

Advanced Text Filter

This filter can filter by multiple attributes. If you want to filter by name, only put in the name, for any other attribute, you have to set the attribute before setting the search term. This is indicated by deviding the attribute and term with :. Multiple applications of the filter are devided by ,.

Filterable attributes are as follows: source, spellType, level, school, components, materials, target, range, time, duration, damage, damageType, save, concentration, ritual, ability and classes.

Keep in mind that these filters look up the data as foundry stores it, not nessessarily how it is displayed. Schools are shortened to 3 letters. So you should try and use the premade filters where possible. All text filters ignore upper case and only look for partial matches, you don't have to match the whole string in your search query. Example: fire, damage:d6 shows all spells that have fire in their name and a d6 in the damage field.

Ritual & Concentration

You can either show only these spells (option show) or hide spells that have the specified tag (option hide).

Casting time

You can search by any casting time that at least one of the loaded spells has. for convenience, a castingtime that contains reaction will be shortened to 1 reaction


You can search for spells learnable by certain classes. Since Foundry VTT does not track this information by default, there is a hardcoded list of all spell-class assosiations at the end of spell-browser.js

Thanks for using this module

If you have any suggestions or problems concerning this module, feel free to contact me in discord (Felix#6196) or per email (

If you feel like supporting my work, feel free to leave a tip at my paypal

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