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This is a module for Founrdy VTT
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Favourite Item Tab

Adds a Favourite tab to display a customized list of items, feats and spells. Usable with the default dnd5e Character sheet. You can add any item from the inventory, spellbook or feature section of the Charactersheet. This module also gives access to item charges. You can add these to any item on the favourite list or remove them by changing the maximum to 0. This uses the same data that is used by Moerill#7205's adnd5e module, since this data is not supported by default.


  1. Download the
  2. Unzip it into FoundryVTT/public/modules
  3. Restart Foundry if it was running.
  4. Activate the module in the settings menu.


If you have any suggestions or problems concerning this module, feel free to contact me in discord (Felix#6196) or per email (

If you feel like supporting my work, feel free to leave a tip at my paypal

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