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Singularity is an open source container platform designed to be simple, fast, and secure. Singularity is optimized for EPC and HPC workloads, allowing untrusted users to run untrusted containers in a trusted way.

Check out who is using Singularity and some use cases of Singularity on our website.

Getting Started with Singularity

To install Singularity from source, see the installation instructions. For other installation options, see our website.

For system administrators, see the administrator documentation.

For users, see the user documentation.

Contributing to Singularity

Community contributions are always greatly appreciated. To start developing Singularity, check out the guidelines for contributing.

We also welcome contributions to our user docs and admin docs.


To get help with Singularity, check out the Community Portal.

For additional support, contact us to receive more information.

Cite as:

Kurtzer GM, Sochat V, Bauer MW (2017) Singularity: Scientific containers for mobility of compute. PLoS ONE 12(5): e0177459.

We also have a Zenodo citation:

Kurtzer, Gregory M.. (2016). Singularity 2.1.2 - Linux application and environment
containers for science. 10.5281/zenodo.60736


Unless otherwise noted, this project is licensed under a 3-clause BSD license found in the license file.