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Singularity plugin for Slurm

This plugin allows users to execute their Slurm jobs within a Singularity container without having to execute Singularity directly. This assists in simplifying the invocation of the container and hiding the implementation details.

To enable the plugin, add the following line to the Slurm plugin configuration (/etc/slurm/plugstack.conf):


This works if Singularity is installed as a system package. If the install prefix is /opt/singularity, then one would have:

required /opt/singularity/lib/slurm/

Note that the sysadmin may provide a default image that will be utilized if the user doesn't provide one:

required default_image=/cvmfs/

Finally, a user may select their image through the --singularity-image optional argument:

srun --singularity-image=/cvmfs/ ls -lh /

Within a batch file, you would append this header:

#SBATCH --singularity-image=/cvmfs/
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