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This release is amazingly fantastic, and it is with pleasure that I announce the availability of Singularity version 2.4! There are some really fantastic updates, fixes, optimizations and coolness contained in this version and here is a brief summary of changes:

Image Generation:

  • Singularity Build Command: Building an image is now more intuitive with the introduction of our build command. You don't need to worry about sizes or using create, or bootstrap, you just build!
  • Compressed immutable images: By default the build command now creates compressed read only containers using squashfs
  • Build Bases: Singularity now supports building additional base targets: local images, Singularity Hub, or the host operating system itself.
  • SCI-F: A well documented solution for internal container modularity (http://containers-ftw.org/SCI-F/)


  • Instances: By popular demand and bribery, we are bringing back persistent instance support. You can now start up a container instance and using a given name, you can connect to that instance, and it keeps running even when you exit!
  • Network namespace: We are now using the network namespace to provide network isolation
  • Persistent overlays: Using a persistent overlay, you can modify a container image and all changes are written to the overlay layer
  • Cleanup and optimization of the Singularity image library

Thank you and have fun containerizing the world!