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@GodloveD GodloveD released this Aug 31, 2019 · 917 commits to master since this release

Howdy Singularity cowpokes! 🤠 🐄

The major new feature of this release is the ability to build and run encrypted containers. These containers are encrypted at rest, in transit, and even while running! There is no intermediate decrypted rootfs left around upon termination. Data is decrypted totally in kernel space.

Below is a slightly more thorough list of changes in 3.4.0. For a complete list, please see the commit history in git and on GitHub.

New features / functionalities

  • New support for building and running encrypted containers with RSA keys and passphrases
    • --pem-path option added to the build and action commands for RSA based encrypted containers
    • --passphrase option added to build and action commands for passphrase based encrypted containers
    • SINGULARITY_ENCRYPTION_PEM_PATH and SINGULARITY_ENCRYPTION_PASSPHRASE environment variables added to serve same functions as above
    • --encrypt option added to build command to build an encrypted container when environment variables contain a secret
  • New --disable-cache flag prevents caching of downloaded containers
  • Added support for multi-line variables in singularity def-files
  • Added support for 'indexed' def-file variables (like arrays)
  • Added support for SUSE SLE Products
  • Added the def-file variables:
    product, user, regcode, productpgp, registerurl, modules, otherurl (indexed)
  • Support multiple-architecture tags in the SCS library
  • Added a --dry-run flag to cache clean
  • Added a SINGULARITY_SYPGPDIR environment variable to specify the location of PGP key data
  • Added a --nonet option to the action commands to disable networking when running with the --vm option
  • Added a --long-list flag to the key search command to preserve
  • Added experimental, hidden --fusemount flag to pass a command to mount a libfuse3 based file system within the container

Changed defaults / behaviors

  • Runtime now properly honors SINGULARITY_DISABLE_CACHE environment variable
  • remote add command now automatically attempts to login and a --no-login flag is added to disable this behavior
  • Using the pull command to download an unsigned container no longer produces an error code
  • cache clean command now prompts user before cleaning when run without --force option and is more verbose
  • Shortened the default output of the key search command

Deprecated / removed commands

  • The --allow-unsigned flag to pull has been deprecated and will be removed in the future

As always, please report any bugs to:

And if you think that you've discovered a security vulnerability please report it to:

Have fun!

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