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Welcome to vmConsole Wiki!

This Wiki provides the vmConsole application usage reference and some introduction to Alpine Linux. It does not cover Linux administration basics and neither does a deep look into Alpine Linux setup. More extensive set of Alpine Linux tutorials can be found here:

vmConsole resources:

Virtual machine properties

Those can vary between major releases, like 2.x, 3.x, etc.

VM property Details
OS Alpine Linux, edge branch, diskless mode
Accelerator QEMU TCG
CPU architecture x86_64
CPU type max
RAM size host-specific, 2047 MiB max
Disk I size R/W, dynamic, up to 32 GiB, /dev/sda
Disk II size R/W, dynamic, up to 32 GiB, /dev/sdb
Network type User mode, emulated by SLiRP
Graphical adapter disabled
Parallel port disabled
QEMU monitor disabled
Android host storage 9P, mount tag host_storage

External links

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