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a .exe version of qrcode - qrcode 的 .exe 版本
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EXE version of qrcode for Windows (even without Python)

EXE 版本的 qrcode ,适用于Windows系统(即使没有安装Python)

Introduction 介绍

  • This is a .exe program working on Windows. When you don't want to setup Python or when you don't want to use commands, you can try it.

  • Packed up with PyInstaller.

  • Original repository: qrcode

  • Attention 1: This program is just a simple pack-up with unknown efficiency and stability. On some pc it's fast, and others slow.(don't know why)

  • Attention 2: At first time to run, it may download some dependent files, which is because of the dependent module imageio.

  • 这是一个运行在 Windows 系统的 .exe 程序。如果你不想安装 Python 或者不想使用命令行就可以试一下这个程序。

  • 该程序使用 PyInstaller 打包而成。

  • 原始仓库: qrcode

  • 注意1:该程序只是一个简单的打包,测试时,有的电脑快,有的电脑慢。(原因不明)

  • 注意2:第一次使用可能会自动下载一些库文件,原因是程序依赖的库 imageio

Usage 用法

step 1 - info.txt

To use this program, you need to create a .txt file named info.txt which contains the arguments to generate QR-Code. The format is like this:

运行此程序需要创建一个命名为 info.txt 的文本文件,里面写上用来生成二维码的所有参数。文件格式如下:

# an example for info.txt:
  • Important: One argument, one line and no space at the both side of = . If a argument is useless, delete it. (words is neccesary)


  • See qrcode for the meaning and values of every argument and the results of this program.

    各个参数的含义和取值,以及结果效果图,请参考原代码地址: qrcode

step 2 - Run it

After editing the info.txt file, put it into the folder where this program is (if there is a picture, put together too). Click the myqr.exe and wait for the result like:

编辑好info.txt 之后,就把它与程序放在同一文件夹(如果有图片,图片也放一起),双击 myqr.exe ,然后等待成功提示(如下):

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