XS-based BioPerl extensions to C libraries (defunct)
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o Version

 This is Bioperl-ext version 1.5.1 from CVS HEAD

o Summary

This is the directory for the Bioperl C compiled Extensions.

These currently include:

   Bio::Ext::Align (Ewan Birney <birney@sanger.ac.uk>
                    and Yee Man Chan <ymc@paxil.stanford.edu>)
   Bio::SeqIO::staden::read (Aaron Mackey <amackey@virginia.edu>)

o Installing

 Depending on your choise of extensions, you might need
 Inline::MakeMaker and Inline::C to create the makefile. Use for
 example the cpan program to install Inline::MakeMaker and answer yes
 when prompted to install Inline::C.
 To install all of the extension packages, you can use the top-level
 Makefile.PL (present in the same directory you're reading this README
 from) (Make sure you read the various notes below about each package
 before doing this!):
   perl Makefile.PL
   make test
   make install (may need root permissions)
 To install only the individual extensions you wish to have, change
 directories into each and use the Makefile.PL found there; for
   cd Bio/Ext/Align
   perl Makefile.PL
   make test (should print out alignment on STDERR)
   make install (probably need root permissions).

o Notes for Bio::Ext::Align

 Although these extensions can be called by themselves, they really
 need the main bioperl distribution to drive them. The modules which do
 this are
   Bio::Tools::pSW - makes Smith-Waterman alignments for DNA
   Bio::Tools::dpAlign - makes Smith-Waterman alignments for proteins
   Bio::SearchDist - deals with EVD fitting of extreme value
 For more information on how to use these modules, read their own
 documentation (perldoc Bio::Tools::pSW ...)

o Notes for Bio::SeqIO::staden::read

 This extension needs the rest of the main bioperl distribution to
 function properly.  It is only useful as a helper module for the SeqIO
 system to read sequence trace files handled by the Staden package's
 io_lib "read" library.  You should have this library installed prior
 to installing Bio::SeqIO::staden::read, it's currently available at:
 Currently, the Bio::SeqIO::staden::read extension only works with io_lib
 v. 1.8.11 or 1.8.12; v. 1.9 and higher have several prototype changes in the
 "read" library which have broken compatibility in those versions for now.
 It is possible these changes may be addressed in the future.
 Many users have noted that the io_lib install process often forgets
 to install the "os.h" file along with the rest of the include files;
 you may have to do this manually.  If so, you may also have to
 install the "config.h" file for "os.h" to find all the information it
 needs.  Finally, you may also need to edit "os.h" to #include
 <config.h> instead of #include "config.h" if you continue to get
 undefined symbol errors during compilation.  On some OSes you may in fact
 have to do the OPPOSITE, meaning change <config.h> to "config.h".
 The bioperl-ext make process will prompt you for the LIB and INCLUDE
 locations (usually /usr/local/lib and usr/local/include/io_lib,
 respectively) of the io_lib "libread" library and Read.h header files,
 after trying to automatically find them.  You may also specify these
 via the environment variables "IOLIB_LIB" and "IOLIB_INC", or via
 identically named options to perl Makefile.PL:
   perl Makefile.PL IOLIB_LIB=/opt/lib IOLIB_INC=/opt/include/io_lib
 Ignore any warnings about these options being unknown to MakeMaker.
 A failed compilation is most likely due to an incomplete io_lib
 installation; make sure that all the required io_lib ".h" files are in
 place (see above regarding "os.h" and "config.h").

 Additional problems may occur that have been associated with the VERSION
 number that Inline::C uses.  Normally, this pops up as an Inline error:
 The extension 'Bio::SeqIO::staden::read' is not properly installed in path:

 If this is a CPAN/distributed module, you may need to reinstall it on your

 To allow Inline to compile the module in a temporary cache, simply remove the
 Inline config option 'VERSION=' from the Bio::SeqIO::staden::read module.
 To get around this, either quote out or remove the indicated line from your
 local Bio/SeqIO/staden/read.pm file after installation:
 use Inline (C => 'DATA',
		    VERSION => '1.51', # <--- this line
		    NAME => 'Bio::SeqIO::staden::read',
		    LIBS => "-L/usr/local/lib -lread -lz", # leave these as double quotes - necessary for Makefile.PL function
		    INC  => "-I/usr/local/include/io_lib", # leave these as double quotes - necessary for Makefile.PL function