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-# OAuth Explained
+# OAuth Explained
+## Introduction
+OAuth 1.0 (and later 2.0) was created to give a standard way to access data as an **authentified** user from one service (or API) to another without giving away your password to the other service. Some service would require you to give them your username and password to import data from a third pary service. One exemple would be importing your contacts email addresses from your GMail to find "friends" on another web service. This is aptly called the [password anti-pattern] (, you can read a bit more on the rationale of why OAuth was invented. One metaphor commonly used to explain OAUth is the _valet key_: you can give limited access to your car with this key, but not complete access.
+## References
+* [Getting started with OAuth 2.0 book by Ryan Boyd] (

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