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Chromecast-like slideshow using Reddit images
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’Chromecast’ Reddit Slideshow

This repository provides a Chromecast like slideshow, written in HTML/CSS/Javascript. It displays various images from Reddit, such as EarthPorn subreddit.

See the demo.


A simple plugin also allow to show realtime Shairport metadata: please see below.

Try it at home

In order to fetch the images, simply run python3 This script requires three librairies: pip install Pillow python-resize-image tqdm.

Several variables in allow you to select subreddits, posts limit, timeranges... You can also, of course, edit the slideshow speed in js/scripts.js.

Then, just open index.html with your favorite browser!

Kiosk mode (Chromecast-like)

This slideshow were initially meant to be displayed on a Raspberry Pi, launched fullscreen on startup. See here how to achieve it!

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