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Swift - SGiTKeyboardListener

A simple listener on keyboard to use with fields in scrollviews.

This is a ultra-simple framework for Xcode that provide a single object that can be used to track keyboard events and ensure that current input field in visible.

This is based on Apple sample code.

You need to provide:

  • a controller class to access the frame of the controlled view
  • a scrollview on which insets will be updated to ensure keyboard size do not overlaps.
  • a getter closure that will return the active view that must be visible.

All you need to do is to create this object. It will take care of the rest. A bit less code in your controller and some code you can share among other controllers.

How can you use this class?

Just import the framework:

import SGiT_KeyboardListener

Then your controller shall declare a variable to keep reference to the listener:

var keyboardListener: KeyboardListener?

Creat the listener when the view is loaded:

override public func viewDidLoad()

    keyboardListener = KeyboardListener(scrollView: tableView, controller: self) {
        return self.activeField

    // to be continued...

And that's all.


A simple listener on keyboard to use with fields in scrollviews



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