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perl6 Avro support

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Provides a native perl6 implementation of the Avro specification.


This is a work in progress. Still to implement:

  • : Reader schemas and resolution
  • : JSON output (OPTIONAL)


The official python example can be rewritten in perl6 as follows.

use Avro; 

my $path = "testfile";
my $avro_ex = Q<<{ "namespace": "example.avro",
 "type": "record",
 "name": "User",
 "fields": [
     {"name": "name", "type": "string"},
     {"name": "favorite_number",  "type": ["int", "null"]},
     {"name": "favorite_color", "type": ["string", "null"]}]}>>;

my $schema = parse-schema($avro_ex);
my $writer =  Avro::DataFileWriter.new(:handle($path.IO.open(:w)),:schema($schema));
$writer.append({"name" => "Alyssa","favorite_number" => 256,});  
$writer.append({"name" => "Ben", "favorite_number" => 7, "favorite_color" => "red"});

my $reader = Avro::DataFileReader.new(:handle($path.IO.open(:r))); 
repeat {
 say $reader.read();
} until $reader.eof;


Artistic License 2.0