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android application to use your iSee bluetooth LE keyring


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Available on F-Droid ❤️

History 📓

itracing2 is a free and open source application allowing to manage "iTag" devices.

Around 2015, Bluetooth LE (or Bluetooth 4) became popular on smartphones and a lot of gadget-keyring-bluetooth-brands rised from nowhere (think about smart things). It was the begining of "IoT" for everyone and low cost devices from China invaded the market 😾 .

Because "no name company" are only interested by selling devices, software were incredibly unusable.

Customers and myself were so disappointated that i decided to create my own application.

In 2021, Apple released his AirTags 😮 . That's pretty smart because those devices are pretty cheap and by using iPhone/iPad as sensors, AirTags can be found anywhere in the Earth. Yes, every AirTags have an unique device id 👍 and i suppose that Apple knows who is the owner of a dedicated AirTag.

Do you BLE? ⚙️

If you want to learn more about BLE, there a lot of article on internet.

iTracing2 implementes "Proximity Profile" and should be compatible with a lot of devices.. BUT because chinese iTag are so badly built, i hardcoded some stuff. (prefer Quintic PROXPR chip if you can)

How that works?

Read me on WIKI

This application runs in background, so you do not have to launch it after each boot up.

Several actions are available :

  • Capture your current position (to work on Lineage OS, you need a Map application like OSMAnd or RMap)
  • Ringing your phone
  • Vibrate your phone
  • Call a custom URL (GET action)
  • Call someone (you need to explicitly give permission by navigating on permissions setting)
  • Play/Pause audio playlist
  • And so one.. by capturing custom event and plug Tasker