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Sample of identified Compact Groups of galaxies in EAGLE RefL100N1504

from Harsuiker and Ploeckinger (MNRAS, accepted 11/2019)

The CGs here represent the 'completeness-corrected' sample where the redshift distance of all EAGLE snapshots is assumed to be z=0.025 (see paper for details).

  • column 0: CG ID
  • column 1: Snapshot number where the CG is identified
  • column 2: Case depending on status of CG at next snapshot:
    • case 0: not merged, not identified as CG
    • case 1: merged
    • case 2: partly merged
    • case 3: not merged, still CG
  • column 3: Projection in which the CG is identified (note: some CGs are identified in more than one projection)
  • column 4: Elongation (s_parallel / s_perpendicular, see Fig. 3)
  • column 5: First snapshot where all CG members have merged (-1 if they do not merge until z=0)
  • column 6-10: GalaxyIDs of CG member from EAGLE database
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