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A lightweight project template for structured scalable single-page web apps

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Spend more time coding your awesome app, and less time writing boilerplate.

Pith is a colleciton of front-end libraries, tools, boilerplate, and sane defaults for modular single-page pplications.


Pith is comprised of the following components:


  • Super light-weight
  • Completely modularized
  • Out of the box build process that lints, compiles, minifies etc.
  • Easily customizable


Quick Setup

  • fork this repo
  • git clone <your-new-github-url>
  • sudo npm install -g grunt (if not already installed)
  • npm install Installs other dependencies.
  • grunt Do the initial build so css and template files are compiled.
  • npm start Starts the web server.
  • Point your browser to http://localhost:3000

Other Commands

  • grunt Default runs all build tasks in development mode. Compiles less files, lints JS files, compiles templates. timize and compile all client-side JavaScript.
  • grunt prod Kick off a production-ready build. Like the default but with more optimized/minifiied/etc output.
  • grunt test Run unit tests from the command line (requires PhantomJS). (Alternatively Open testrunner/index.html to view unit tests in your browser)

Watch Commands

  • grunt watch All inclusive watch to update generated files when the sources change. Reompiles less files, lints JS files, and recompiles templates.
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