some sounds and pictures for use in real digital life, if you like it of course
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there's a link for rpm below

some sounds and pictures for use in real digital life

it is a linux oriented sound-themes mainly for gnome+kde for this moment

to taste it before use you can browse and download ogg files in subdirs here or visit

aloha to mageia atelier artworx team! now debugging rosa linux.

i've decided to split installation and sounds, so themes will be available through bz2, gz ,xz files, while first old themes will be in the sound.theme folder also install_scripts folder is for all those makefile changes, because i found an issue with converting those to rpm, i'm working on it.

so i've built a noarch rpm that can be obtained here

and spec file for rpm is in

makefiles for rpms in install_scripts

unpack it run tar -xzvf theme*.tar.bz2

run the script to exec autogen you will need autoconf and automake, intltool, gcc installed

then make && make install

you can disable hacks for @freedesktop and @kde in file if disabled you will need to install sounds into __custom directory of specific user to override gnome sounds and for kde you can do it manually open system settings - choose application notification and then find /usr/local/share/sounds/mageia.guitar.theme.4 folder all files should be there

you will need to run user-install-sh under that specific user account - so just copy it into home/desktop folder and run it from terminal-like program have fun then ; )

to produce it i was using open source programs ardour2 (to record), qtractor (to work with recorded sounds), lmms (synths) with some LADSPA plugins and audacity for a record period i was using debian + alsa.25 + jack, then switched to mageia and now using rosa, that's why i've made rpm packages.