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Vitaprint hardware technical specifications

CNC XYZ mechanics: 3020T

  • Machine size: -- Width: 410mm (X) -- Depth: 540mm (Y) -- Height: 400mm (Z)
  • Motors (x, y, z): NEMA23
  • Movement resolution: 0.01mm (theoretically achievable 0.001mm)
  • Motion drive: trapeziodal lead screw, linear rods with ball bearings
  • Maximal number of extruders: 3

NOTE: The values above are for a default setup. Extrudes can be mounted on any 3-axis CNC platform, therefore the working area and maximal number of extruders can be changed if needed.

Vitaprint extruder:

  • Axis: 2
  • Motion: Extruder Z movement and E extrusion
  • Z motor: NEMA 11
  • E motor: NEMA 11 with planetary gearbox
  • Z movement resolution: 0.01mm (theoretically achievable 0.001mm)
  • Cartridge: 5ml luer-lock syringes (polypropylene)
  • Nozzle: Gauge needle
  • Heating: room temperature - 250°C
  • Extrusion resolution: 0.01mm piston movement (1.2uL for 5ml syringe)

Control electronics:

  • Controller: PlanetCNC MK3 9 axis
  • Control software: PlanetCNC CNC USB controller
  • Power Requirements: 230/110V AC
  • Software: PlanetCNC CNC USB controller
  • Operating Systems: Windows / Linux
  • Print File Type: G-code


  • Printing volume (x,y,z): 200 x 300 x 45mm
  • Printing speed: max 2600mm/min, typical 500mm/min
  • Print File Type: G-code (generate externally via Slic3r software)

NOTE: printing volume will depend on the amount of extruders used.

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