1 Preparation steps

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Potentially any machine that can run the software described below and has a WiFi access point capability can be a symbIoTe-compliant gateway. You need to deploy the components described below:

Infrastructure components

Component Supported Version Exposed ports Purpose
MongoDB 3.6+ 27017 - Mongo DB access port All components use this database when they are running on one machine but it can be split to more then one database.
gradle 4.6+ If there is a need to build the components


Component Supported Version Exposed ports Purpose
Symbiote Smart Space 2.+ 8080 It includes all the necessary components (e.g. innkeeper, RAP).
Local AuthenticationAuthorizationManager 3.1+ 8443 - HTTP This component is responsible for security. This is LAAM (Local Authentication and Authorisation Manager). This port is used for communication to Core services.

For the example integration process described below, we assume the following addresses of various Core and Cloud components (NOTE: those are supposed to be changed to real addresses of Core and Cloud services during integration):

Parameter URL
Admin GUI https://symbiote-open.man.poznan.pl/administration
Cloud Core Interface https://symbiote-open.man.poznan.pl/cloudCoreInterface
Core Interface https://symbiote-open.man.poznan.pl/coreInterface
AuthenticationAuthorizationManager (LAAM) https://ssp.symbiote.org:8443
Symbiote Smart Space https://ssp.symbiote.org:8080

In this table, ssp.symbiote.org is your SSP DNS entry.

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