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The Queued Jobs module provides a framework for SilverStripe developers to define long running processes that should be run as background tasks. This asynchronous processing allows users to continue using the system while long running tasks proceed when time permits. It also lets developers set these processes to be executed in the future.

The module comes with

  • A section in the CMS for viewing a list of currently running jobs or scheduled jobs.
  • An abstract skeleton class for defining your own jobs
  • A task that is executed as a cronjob for collecting and executing jobs.
  • Job management features such as pause/resume, fault recovery, job monitoring.
  • A couple of example jobs, including
    • A Google sitemap generator
    • A publishing job

To get started

Some common issues

The cronjobs for processing the queue will spit out data due to the nature of sapphire/cli-script.php . Therefore, you will want to redirect stdout to /dev/null, or set MAILTO="" at the top of your crontab file.

lx-berlin has contributed some further notes at possible-cron-error-messages

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