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[0.15.0][0.15.0] - 11-Mar-2021

Milestone: catapult-server@v0.10.0.8

  • Preview version for Symbol Mainnet.
  • Support read-only experimental Symbol Mainnet node for Symbol Opt-In accounts & balances preview (Valid Opt-In only).
  • Fixed various issues.

:note: When using Leger to create / import a mainnet profile, please wait for the device to finish loading each selected account. Ledger devices cannot handle too many concurrent requests at a time.

New Opt-In accounts created after this beta release will not be shown on Opt-In mnemonic importing. A new version after the Opt-In snapshot will be release includes all valid opt-in accounts.

** For ledger users with Ledger Symbol app 0.0.8, the seed account won't be created. Please do not use version 0.0.8 to create mainnet seed account. A new version of Symbol app will be released soon on Ledger Live which allows you do to so. **