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The SD data store

The master branch of the SD data store is used for backup of the RDF data provided with our RDF Store at and also the resources stored in our central repository.

For more information see


Resources in tool specific formats widely used by the special CA subcommunity.

~/TestSets - TestSet collection in the Normaliz format.


Resource Descriptions in RDF turtle format.


Resources stored in XML-based format. XML is used to markup semantically important pieces of the data. The markup is (syntactically) described using XSchema. See for a semantic description of the meaning of the markup sections within the specific data model of the given collection.

FreeAlgebras - Systems of noncommutative polynomials over Z given as lists of ncpolys wrt. a dedicated list of variables.

GAlgebras - Free Algebras with dedicated commutator relations.

GeoProofSchemes - Geometry theorem proof schemes given as geometry straight line programs

IntPS, ModPS - Polynomial systems over Z or finite fields given as lists of polynomials wrt. a dedicated list of variables.