Call for Papers, Symfony Catalunya 2017
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Muy a pesar nuestro hemos decidido suspender la edición de Symfony Cat 2017. Disculpar las molestias.

We have decided to suspend the edition of Symfony Cat 2017. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Call for Papers, Symfony Catalunya 2017

This is the mechanism we will have this year to expose the Call for papers of the conference. With this method, we want to make sure everyone is involved with the process and everyone has the same exposure and opportunities.

Fast links

I want to be a speaker

Dear speaker, welcome to Symfony Catalunya 2017. We will explain you what being our speaker means, and how easy is to be part of the adventure. And you don't have to leave Github!

Here we have some points that you need to keep in mind before proposing any talks. They are all requisites for all our chosen talks, so please read from A to Z.

  • All talks must be unique and the first time presented. All talks done before will be tagged as repeated and will be automatically discarded.
  • Your talk should be about 40 minutes long. You will have around 10 minutes at the end for Q&A
  • All talks must be in English
  • Add as many proposals as you want.
  • This year we will focus on Symfony, the Framework, the Components and the way you can mix it with many other technologies. This means that Symfony must be the most important part of the talk, not an extra at the end.
  • To create a new talk proposal, create a new Issue in this repository. Each Issue intended to be created as a talk will be tagged with the tag Talk! and will be revised by the organization team.
  • In order to follow a common format, please, visit the CFP Example
  • In your description, make sure everyone understands your talk's point. You have the responsibility to choose the format of the description; long, short, with images... feel free to expose to the world your idea the same way you have it in your mind.
  • Once submitted, if the talk is approved by us, will be tagged with the tag Accepted for voting and will be available for being voted by our audience, so... make sure you campaign a lot for it.
  • All descarted talks will be tagged with the tag Rejected for voting
  • Share you talk in your social networks to find votes. The more votes you have, the more probabilities you have to become a new Symfony Catalunya 2017 speaker.

As speaker we offer you this package

  • Your conference ticket, for free
  • We pay your hotel during the conference
  • We pay you your flights
  • Some extra surprises... come and discover them :)

The way we will choose the talks for the conference will be a mix of people's votes and our verdict. We share what will our verdict take in account:

  • The quality of the talk.
  • The quality of the speaker as a speaker. If you publish videos or slides, that will help us a lot, so make sure that, if you have some links, add them in your proposals. Does it mean that a new speaker will not have any chance? Of course not. We will have in mind that everyone is part of the conference, and if the talk is good, the chances grow. If you're new, why don't you publish something about you in video? Make us a demonstration, this will increase your visibility and will help us a lot as well.
  • The audience reactions to the proposal, and the feedback from other conferences.

The CFP will be closed the April 30th.

I want to vote

Do you want to vote? Add these reactions in the Issue. Adding a reaction is not commenting it with emoticons. You will find a button in the top-right of the issue where you can add reactions.

  • 👍 I like it!
  • ❤️ Shut up and take my money!

Please, only vote talks tagged with Accepted for Voting. Any talks not tagged with it won't be part of the final selection.

We ask you all that, if a talk is not of your interest, just think that is not of your interest, and don't thumb it down. Take into account that not everyone is used to doing talks or proposing them, so be respectful with everyone.

Add comments if you want to, that will make the process more dynamic and will help everyone to understand what you, the audience, expects from this new Symfony Catalunya 2017.

You have until May 31st to vote your favourite talks.