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namespace Symfony\Cmf\Bundle\BlockBundle\Document;
use Doctrine\ODM\PHPCR\Mapping\Annotations as PHPCRODM;
use Symfony\Cmf\Bundle\BlockBundle\Document\ContainerBlock;
* Special container block that renders child items in a way suitable for a
* slideshow. Note that you need to add some javascript to actually get the
* blocks to do a slideshow.
* @PHPCRODM\Document(referenceable=true)
class SlideshowBlock extends ContainerBlock
/** @PHPCRODM\String */
protected $title;
* {@inheritdoc}
public function getType()
return 'symfony_cmf.block.slideshow';
public function getTitle() {
return $this->title;
public function setTitle($title) {
$this->title = $title;
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