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pentarim commented Jan 9, 2012

After fresh install I get the following error when accessing main page

PHP Fatal error: Class 'PHPCRProxies\SandboxMainBundleDocumentEditableStaticContentReferenceProxy' not found in /home/pentarim/webdev/symfony2/cmftest/vendor/symfony-cmf/vendor/doctrine-phpcr-odm/lib/Doctrine/ODM/PHPCR/Proxy/ProxyFactory.php on line 94

When accessing the main page in dev environment there is no such error.


lsmith77 commented Jan 9, 2012

also there might be some CSS issues too


dbu commented Jan 16, 2012

sorry for being slow to investigate this. its indeed a problem with generating the proxies. when you change app/config/config.yml

        auto_generate_proxy_classes: true

(instead of %kernel.debug%) and then run app/console cache:clear --env=prod the page loads.

running cache:warmup --env=prod --no-debug does indeed generate the proxies (this should probably go into the readme) but the proxy is not found.

@uwej711 do you know why we only require the file if we generated it? should we not otherwise look if the file is there and include it in case? or should that happen somewhere else?

regarding css issues: the frontend editing integration is atm relying on app_dev.php serving things. we work on cleaning this up, but might take a moment. the rest should work afaik.


lsmith77 commented Jan 16, 2012

we should probably look at how things are handled in the CouchDB ODM and it looks quite similar there:

i am not sure if we expect some autoloading to trigger loading the proxy classes ..


lsmith77 commented Jan 16, 2012

looking at the ORM the code looks slightly different:

don't have time atm to debug this .. but i suspect the issue is with the handling of the autoGenerate property


dbu commented Jan 16, 2012

ok, i will look into this. just wanted to be sure to understand what to do and not do some weird hack :-)

@dbu dbu closed this in c3d89c8 Jan 16, 2012


dbu commented Jan 16, 2012

one bug less. thanks for spotting this one, @pentarim!

Thanks for quick fix @dbu & @lsmith77

dbu added a commit that referenced this issue Jun 20, 2013

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