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Symfony CMF Documentation

The Symfony2 Content Management Framework (CMF) project is organized by the Symfony community and has several sponsoring companies and prominent open source leaders implementing the philosophy of the decoupled CMS.


This documentation is still in development. The bundles and reference sections are updated for the 1.1 release, but the book is still a bit sparse. Want to help? Thank you, all help greatly appreciated! The source of the documentation is hosted on github.

Quick Tour

The best way to get started with the Symfony CMF is by reading the Quick Tour. This will guide you through the code, philosophy and architecture of the Symfony CMF project.


This is the Symfony CMF bible. It's the reference for any user of the CMF, who will typically want to keep this close at hand.


Looking for some in depth information about a CMF Bundle? Want to know if you can use a bundle independently and how to do it? In this case the bundles section is the right place for you!

:doc:`Browse the bundles <bundles/index>`


The Symfony CMF believes in a concept where bundles integrate library (components) into the framework. The components can be used in any PHP project, even when they are not using Symfony.

:doc:`Browse the components <components/index>`


Ever wondered what configuration options you have available to you in files such as app/config/config.yml? In this section, all available configuration is broken down per bundle.

:doc:`Browse the reference <reference/index>`


The cookbook consist of articles about advanced concepts of the Symfony CMF.

:doc:`Browse the cookbook <cookbook/index>`


Do you want to contribute to the Symfony CMF? Start reading these articles!

:doc:`Browse the contributing guide <contributing/index>`

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