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@@ -222,8 +222,8 @@ static:
parent: "/news"
title: "Towards version 1.0"
label: false
- class: "Cmf\\MainBundle\\Document\\NewsArticle"
- publish_start_date: "2013-02-25"
+ template: CmfMainBundle:Cms:news_detail.html.twig
+ publish_start_date: "2013-02-26"
content: |
<p>The last few months have seen a huge increase of activity on the CMF (we seem to not have written many news, but those following the github projects will have seen it). Both Jackalope and PHPCR-ODM and the CMF bundles got new features and tons of issues fixed. And the documentation is starting to take shape, but can still use a lot of improvement.</p>
<p>With all this activity, it will be hard to draw the line for a 1.0 release, but nonetheless we need to do it. We built a <a href="">release plan</a> that wants to stabilize from the bottom up. We start with PHPCR and phpcr-utils, then go to Jackalope and its transports, then the Doctrine PHPCR-ODM and finally the Symfony2 CMF bundles. We created milestones in the PHPCR / Jackalope / PHPCR-ODM space for now. We hope to get through them until beginning of April, and should probably start version 1.0 milestones for the Symfony2 bundles mid of March and focus on the needed pieces in April.</p>

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