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We had that discussion years ago, but i wasn't there at this time. So lets start the discussion again. To have a base for that, i created a kind of a copy of our organisation where i started to pull every mantainted component into one mono repository. There you can find my ideas on testing and pulling and pushing from/to the specific repositories.


When i write component i do not mean a Component as an opposite to a Bundle. I simply mean one of the packages or projects we have in the mono repository.


The first question is: Why that change? From my POV, i can edit and create features on different components more easily. Especially when crossing repository borders. Doing it in one repository the complete feature will be visible. Starting with a change in a component, doing the improvements in the bundle ending with checking the documentation. All on one branch in one repository. So when we would have a technicial solution to push that changes on seperate read-only repositories and got a way to test it, why not? We "simply" have to find a way to provide all components in a separate repository to keep the decoupled way of a framework alive. So we need a consistent sync process between the directories of the mono repository and each component in the cmf universe of many repositories.


The symfony-cmf/symfony-cmf will be the main repository with all repositories in src/, src/Component and src/Bundle. It will also contain:

  • Scripts to sync (pull/push/merge) between mono repo and one of the many repo
  • Tests to test the complete mono repository (each component still got its own testing) means testing each component
  • Test the patched components only. Means a way to check which components got changes and run its test suites

(currently those tests are defined in .travis.yml, when structure is cleaner, we should have a way to run it locally too)


Testing the mono repo on travis-ci is a real hard task. We do not whant to long test build, but we whant confidence to have a valid mono repo. So i proposed to run the normal test matrix on patched components only. As an addition we got one run on (newest stuff) on the complete mone repo – means each component's test suite runs. Doing so i can also separate pull and push build. On a pull build i know the target dir, so i can evaluate the patched components and test them. On a push build i only test all components.


Changes on Mono-Repo | Feature | Bug Fix

Create a PR inside the mono repository and get the tests green. When merging into the mono repo we need a script which is called afterwards, which evaluates the patched components and uses the existing push scripts to push the changes to the read-only repository.

Changes on on of the Many Repos

At the beginning i would not do it. Sure we can write a script which fetches branches from one of the many repositories and do a branch on mono repo to instantiate the change. But I would be enough for now, to do changes on mono repo only and keep the many repos read-only


We still can keep branches on the many repos. We "import" them into the mono repo with a kind of a prefix, which simply is the bundle/package name. So we could sync branches between mono repository and on of the many repositories, to keep the branch structure alive on one of the many repositories.

Current State

  • create a mono repo and pull all repositories
    • ToDo: add/pull without merge commits
  • Script to pull a specific branch of a remote repo into the mono repo on a specific branch ther
    • ToDo: when new, do a add instead of a pull
    • ToDo: Sync branches, create prefixed branch on mono repo if does not exist, pull on that
  • Script to push a directory on a specific branch to a remote repo on a specif branch
  • Travis Testing
    • ToDo: Get complete test suites running
    • ToDo: clean .travis.yml the Sylius way
  • Implement workflow in Webhooks using the existing scripts
  • splitt.sh instead of own scripts

Way to get it live

The current work completely is on a separate organisation not to destroy the original repositories. At the end i would have a working mono repo including test setup and sync setup. This repo will replace the actual symfony-cmf/symfony-cmf repo and feed all maintained repos, which should be read-only then.

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