20130513 irc meeting

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IRC transcription: http://irclog.codelabs.nl/transcript/symfony-cmf/2013-05-13


release date

end of june phpcr/jackalope/phpcr-odm ideally earlier

###phpcr-odm command names


  • Created 1.0 milestone and assigned issues

###BC breaking merges

  • we now have alpha tags for all components: http://cmf.symfony.com/news/how-to-survive-stabilization-phase
  • we continue breaking where needed
  • we will tag another alpha version end of may, then frequent beta and RC versions in june
  • we start minimal CHANGELOG.md files in all bundles for BC breaks and important new features


  • dantleech integrate ICBaseTestBundle with symfony-cmf/Testing
  • we want to write basic tests for all bundles, see https://github.com/symfony-cmf/symfony-cmf/wiki/Roadmap
  • infrastructure first and some basic tests, improve coverage later
  • write a good readme and a blogpost, try to motivate people to contribute tests


  • milestone looks good, lets do things


  • we could use jms/metadata to handle things like template_by_class configuration
  • this is for post 1.0 and can probably be added without BC breaks


###suggestion: lets write the summary of what we did beforehand and just paste it in? or we could write "A week of Symfony CMF" as preparation for the meeting.


  • meeting format
  • review previous weeks updated issues?
  • logging meeting?
  • meeting chair
  • specified person or rotation?
  • do we write a summary or rely on logs?
  • 1.0 - when?
  • phpcr-bundle command names https://github.com/doctrine/DoctrinePHPCRBundle/issues/52#issuecomment-17526140
  • what features must be included in the BlockBundle to be feature complete
  • how do we coordinate the BC break fest that is about to ensue (Document to Model namespace, phpcr-odm mapping cleanup, ...) (dbu)
  • testing (dtl)
  • to use ICTestBundle or not
  • bundle metadata (dtl)
  • menu bundle features (dtl)
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