20130607 irc meeting

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IRC transcription: http://irclog.codelabs.nl/transcript/symfony-cmf/2013-06-07


  • review open PRs http://cmf.davidbu.ch / http://ghag.dantleech.com
  • CMFLogos
  • switch recommended editor to CKEditor
  • co-maintainers needed for all Sonata bundles
  • rmsint - try to join in time (another meeting), otherwise for the block:
    • caching PR, needed for 1.0?
    • admin related points, currently we can better wait for general admin extension -> untill when to wait before implementing minimum requirements, what is realistic?
  • Tree browser refactoring (dtl)
    • Decoupling from Sonata Admin
    • Show all by default
    • Removal of FOSJsRouting - replace with explcitly declared edit routes
  • Sonata MediaBundle PHPCR implementation (dtl)
  • (dbu) use Model namespace in BlockBundle? but do XML mappings for sure.
  • (dbu) use sandbox as testbed for all bundles?


In attendance:

  • dbu
  • dantleech
  • lsmith,
  • fazy
  • nikolaPetkandki (idle)
  • rmsint
  • sjopet

Round up



  • adapting phpc to jcr changes since last november
    • notable feature: can filter on node type



  • merged UTC change in doctrine dbal
  • intends to merge the PR to split the reference table in two today
  • investingating issues with query support that were introduced with the join support
  • hoping to do jackalope releases today
  • has also fixed some issues with move operations in phpcr-odm
  • also hoping to release a PHPCR-ODM today
  • opened PR for functional testing in the CoreBundle
  • requesting help for fixing bugs with cmf_next and cmf_prev




Review of Open PRS (lsmith)

  • Concern about number of open PRs
  • Risk of wasting lots of time rebasing and re-fixing unmerged PRs
  • 33 open PRs in symfony-cmf
  • Lets add filter by user to PRs on cmf.davidbu.ch
  • Summary: lets improve the situation and redicuss next week

CMF logos

  • Fabien is going to send logo set
  • Will vote on if we accept or reject Fabiens proposal

CreateBundle default editor

  • lsmith: Seems we need to switch from halo to something else for default as halo proving difficult to contribute to.

  • Proposal to switch to CKEditor

  • Sjopet suggests some sort of generic pre / post hooks to cleanup of manipulate the generated HTML, dbu suggest postpoing until after 1.0

  • DBU supports hallo to continue playing its role. Powerful WYSYWG on main page content, then more minimal editing for individual blocks. Image as seperate field, not part of HTML blob.

  • [Votes] for CKEditor: dbu +1, sjopet +1, rmsint +1, lsmith +1, fazy +1

  • [ACTION] : lsmith will handle to switch, but will be happy if somebody else wants the job.

  • MediaBundle dependency to be deferred for now.

Sonata Co-Maintainers

  • Rande interested in increasing number of people with commit access to Sonata. If people are interested, talk to @rande.

Tree Bundle Refactoring

  • dantleech is working on decoupling the treebrowserbundle from sonata admin
  • discussion of dropping FOSJsRouting if possible
  • policy on showing nodes - default to show all, but have different options
  • possiblity of having a base form type for tree browser

MediaBundle problems

  • dantleech says updating media seems to try and delete his media folder
    • also points out broken code
  • [ACTION] rmsint says he will try and look at it next week

Model namespace

  • @dbu has started moving document rote classes to the Model namespace and to create XML mappings for them.
  • [VOTE] Implement Model structure on all CMF bundles: lsmith +1, dbu +1, rmsint +1, dantleech +1

Run all tests (for all components + bundles) in sandbox

  • dbu: it would be cool to be able to run phpunit in the
    sandbox and have all unit and functional tests of all cmf + phpcr-odm + sonata run with the same code
  • If we continue to implement the testing component in bundles we should eventually be in a strong position to make this work.

Other topics

  • rmsint wants to implement PWFC in BlockBundle
  • sjopet wants to add lists to the admins in the sandbox
  • lsmith suggests the next tag set should be "beta"
  • dantleech wants changelogs to accompany each PR
  • dantleech asks about meetup structure for the 20/21
    • dbu replies that we will decide in the week before
  • lsmith suggests anybody with any forward-tinking ideas might want to do a presentation.
  • dantleech will mention CMF traning to former employer
  • rmsint: Do we need bulletproof caching in 1.0, or is it good as it is now?
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