20130621 hackday meeting

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Meeting to take place at the Liip office in Zurich starting 9:00. Practial infos: Symfony CMF workshop day June 2013 We have a dinner reservation for 14 people at 19:00 http://www.restaurantvolkshaus.ch


  • Preview/publish workflow based on workspaces - update and issues (fazy)
  • Versioning and cascade issues (fazy)
  • Content models - "best practices" like davids model for the CMF-CMS-es (rmsint)
  • Mixed Admin Lists in Sonata: https://github.com/sonata-project/SonataAdminBundle/pull/1396 (sjopet)
  • performance / hosting (sjopet) and scalling a cmf application (rmsint)
  • Menu structure and crumbs path (sjopet)
  • Release plan (for 1.0, 1.1 and future) (dbu)
  • Real life projects (uwej711 & sveriger)
  • UI? (rmsint)
  • Layout management (rmsint)
  • Standardizing and expanding metadata mapping (dtl)
  • CMF Blog? (dtl)
  • Eventual development of a community CMF-CMS?


In attendance:

  • sjopet, rmsint, willem-jan, fazy, rande, dbu, lsmith, uwe, sven, dantleech, Thomas Schedler, Fabian Kiss.

Summary: http://cmf.symfony.com/news/getting-closer-to-1-0-release

For the rest, we mainly updated all the issues in github and created 1.0 milestones.

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