20130705 irc meeting

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IRC transcription: http://irclog.codelabs.nl/transcript/symfony-cmf/2013-07-05


  • CMF Bundle Conventions Document (dtl)
    • Standardize XML mappings, model directories, testing component, etc.
  • Proposal Advanced[foo]Document, (basic)[foo]Document
  • CMF Website - blog (dtl)
  • Interface repository(s) (dtl/lsmith?)
  • How to be ready for release end of July? (dbu)
  • Image handling refactoring (lsmith)
  • Tagging round (dbu/lsmith)


In attendance:

  • Lukas (lsmith)
  • Dan (dantleech_)
  • David (dbu)
  • Roel (rmsint)
  • Sjoerd (sjopet_)
  • Willem-Jan

Round up


  • phpcr-odm: document level options
  • cmf_request_aware use synchronized services
  • action block pass information to sub-request and update block doc
  • eliminated a bunch of dirname / basename calls to use phpcr utils instead when working on phpcr paths
  • publish workflow: ready, but other bundles need adjustments. propose to wait until after the tagging round


Has been working on TreeUiBundle, now supports PHPCR, PHPCR-ODM and filesystem. Support for fancytree.js and dynatree.js. Needs more features from TreeBrowserBundle.

Has done work on MenuBundle with Advanced Documents and hidden fields. (https://github.com/symfony-cmf/MenuBundle/pull/84)

Also fixed a bug in phpcr:node:dump

Also worked on a PR for Jackalope to progressively load nodes by path. (https://github.com/jackalope/jackalope/pull/173)


Worked a bit on doctrine-dbal issues. Hopes to fix issues with hierarchies for the Core Template Helper and deal with issues with embeded Forms in SonataDoctrinePHPCRAdminBundle (https://github.com/sonata-project/SonataDoctrinePhpcrAdminBundle/issues/142).


The PR in the BlockBundle about PrependConfiguration is merged. There is work to do for documentation.

Refactored the BlockBundle PR (https://github.com/symfony-cmf/BlockBundle/pull/67) concerning cache settings, is blocked by the Sonata part at this moment (https://github.com/sonata-project/SonataBlockBundle/pull/77).

MediaBundle PR about models + adapters (https://github.com/symfony-cmf/MediaBundle/pull/5) is merged, remaining issues are moved to new issues.


Has been working on doctrine-dbal, busy with escaping issues. Also started writing some tests for Sql2toQomQueryConverter


Worked on the SimplePager in SonataDoctrinePhpcrAdminBundle. Has looked at the delete issue in embedded forms. Will work with Lukas to narrow down the issue (probably in PHPCR-ODM).


Bundle Standards

Dan suggests a CMF Bundle standards document. There is a general Symony Bundles best practices document, so it should only contain CMF specific stuff. It might be a indicator to show when the current Bundles are ready for a 1.0 release. There is already a PR for it: https://github.com/symfony-cmf/symfony-cmf-docs/pull/174 The PR should be discussed this week. The AdvancedDocuments might be a discussion point. For now we should add existing standards (that we all silently agree on) in there. The document should be linked to from CONTRIBUTING.md

Interface repositories

A subject we forgot to discuss on the hackday in Zürich. The idea is to have a seperate repositry with non-bundle specific interfaces, like the SlugifierInterface. Dan also proposed an interface like MultilangInterface, so that Admins can automaticly add multilang fields. Further discussion will happen on the mailing list.

Release of 1.0

We went from 56 to 53 issues since June 20th. There are more then 3 PR's merged, so or those were not on the list or we created a lot of new issues. We might need to remove issues from the 1.0 milestone. David will go through the list and propose on the mailing list which issues he thinks should be removed.

CMF Website

Dan suggests adding a blog to the CMF website, could be the BlogBundle. Everybody agrees. Discussion about features needed for CMF blog, media, pagination and authentication. Authentication can be a simple htaccess. The idea is that more people the Lukas/David can write content (currently there is a deployment needed). An issue is created for it: (https://github.com/symfony-cmf/symfony-cmf-website/issues/24)

Image Handling

The Image Document is in PHPCR-ODM and in CreateBundle, which is both the wrong place. In MediaBundle there is a list of issues that reflect the changes needed for this. And then there is the hallo.js to ckeditor switch. Lukas tries to find somebody for that. An issue for that is in CreateBundle. The move was suggested because of the problems with hallo.js image upload issues. There is some discussion about using the TreeUi to choose from images, there hasn't been a decision made yet. Sjopet will take a look at creating a PHPCR Driver for ElFinder.

Advanced Documents

The idea is that Advanced Documents would extend a document so it supports all the CMF features. For example: Mulitlanguage support, Publishworkflow etc. It would prevent very long names for documents with multiple features. Naming is still a discussion point, Advanced seem to have to most support. But it will be discussed on the mailing list again.


There is some discussion about the interfaces, whether they should include setters. An EditPublishWorkflow interface is suggested, to include setters in that interface. David will split https://github.com/symfony-cmf/CoreBundle/blob/e750115e69db520e2ce62707e2ac92a74fca30ce/PublishWorkflow/PublishWorkflowInterface.php

Other topics

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