20130719 irc meeting

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IRC transcription: http://irclog.codelabs.nl/view/symfony-cmf?from=2013-07-19%2010:00&till=2013-07-19%2011:30


  • state of MediaBundle?
  • state of ckeditor + elfinder and integration of create + ckeditor, todo's for 1.0?
  • standards docs - strategy to apply it to all bundles?
  • when can we do the first RC tag, meaning no more major BC breaks?


In attendance:

  • sjopet, rmsint, Willem-Jan, dbu

Round up


  • merged the publish workflow refactoring, adjusted other places
  • tagged version beta2
  • reviewed and merged lots of PR


  • for the BlockBundle a refactoring of the twig helper has been merged
  • I am working on moving the documents to xml mapping - but also looking at the standards doc to directly change the names and location of the new classes
  • for the MediaBundle the interface structure is moving very well forward (but sjopet will probably tell more about this) and I wrote initial documentation for it



  • Haven't done much this week, just commented on github. No code this week
  • Hope to pick up the last Jackalope issue this week


Other topics

dbu should review https://github.com/symfony-cmf/CreateBundle/pull/62 integration with elfinder: first merge this, and then refactor the cmf_media PR? and then add the elfinder stuff?

MediaBundle: write interfaces: no. just add setters, se what it gives. we can extract a Read interface if we realize its needed later on, after 1.0.

standard doc:

  • last open point: "we might need to note here that storage specific classes should only be created if needed."
  • dbu will discuss with dan and try to find agreement
  • we have +3 to make BlockBundle an exception and not do XAllFeatures but put the publish workflow into the BaseBlock. for multilanguage we have to check if we can have all blocks multilang.

first RC tag, meaning no more major BC breaks?

  • MediaBundle, model renaming, MultilangX to XAllFeatures
  • MediaBundle: lets get MediaBundle to a state where we at least can remove the image document from the phpcr-bundle and create-bundle
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