20130726 irc meeting

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IRC transcription: http://irclog.codelabs.nl/view/symfony-cmf?from=2013-07-26%2010:00&till=2013-07-26%2011:44



In attendance:

  • dbu
  • lsmith77
  • dantleech
  • rmsint
  • sjopet
  • rande

Round up

  • dbu

refactored phpcr and jackalope for the query object model factory selectorName parameter. fixed a few bugs in the process and discovered some new bugs. reviewed and merged various pull requests. plans to spend time on the weekend to look into open issues for 1.0

  • lsmith77

been working on some smaller stuff pinging people etc. i have also spend some time on the selector name non optional stuff. i tried to fix the phpcr odm query builder but would rather hand this over to dantleech. will be giving a presentation in Kiev about the CMF friday next week. plans to spend time on the weekend to look into open issues for 1.0

  • dantleech

made a PR to define the word "content" in the sense of the CMF (bundle standards). big refactoring PR for MenuBundle to drop the Multilang stuff and merge it into the concept of a "standard" document. fixed a bug in PHPCR-ODM where "property" wasnt being mapped to the PHPCR node. made a PR on sonata admin to improve the routename / pattern detection. several big PRs for MenuBundle were merged

  • rmsint

added features to media that are removed from create: upload, display, serializing. added editor concept and had to introduce a MediaManager - all persistance specific stuff is in there. started for the block bundle with moving the models from Document to Model + Doctrine\Phpcr

  • sjopet

updated the pr fixing the pager templates. fixed some small things left over in the media-bundle interface structure. and worked on the media-bundle elfinder stuff and pushed to a new branch. hope to look at the cascading referrer removal issue in PHPCR ODM today.

  • rande

will work on sonata today. needs to fix some regression on some bundles due to symfony2.3 changes


  • Ready for RC? / Review milestone tickets and open PRs

RC for everything next wednesday does not seem realistic. so focus on getting RoutingBundle, MenuBundle, CoreBundle and ContentBundle ready (https://github.com/symfony-cmf/symfony-cmf/wiki/Roadmap was updated accordingly) over the weekend according to the Bundle standards. sjopet and rmsint will focus more on the media/sonata stuff, while dantleech, dbu and lsmith try to get those 4 Bundles ready. dantleech might however also spend time to fix the PHPCR ODM QB to work with the PRs that make the selector name mandatory.

  • Base documents, PR

Confirmed agreement that we will provide a "Base" version with minimal features and the full featured will be the normal name, ie. "MenuNode" for the full featured and "MenuNodeBase" for the base version.

For now we will not rely on traits but keep them in mind.

Its ok to provide an admin class only for the full featured version for now as people that want less tend to want to customize the admin anyway.

Abstract base models will be prefixed with "Abstract" rather than postfixed with "Base", ie. "AbstractBlock"

  • Query builder -- ? (quick)

PHPCR now requires a selector name. PHPCR ODM QB tries to delay creation of the query elements as late as possible. However this results in duplicating quite a lot of code from PHPCR QOM. Furthermore all of this code now needs to be updated to expect a selector which somehow needs to be propagated to the expression visitor when the query is created. lsmith77 however noted that it might be easier to just require that all selectors, especially the main selector, before any columns/expressions are created and to then immediately create the relevant QOM instances so that less code is necessary (f.e. dropping the custom Expression classes) and also to immediately trigger validation. Furthermore several methods need to at least optionally expect a selector to be able to support joins.

Other topics

  • Easy Picks

Sjopet will look into compiling a list of Easy Picks similar to Symfony2 core: https://github.com/symfony/symfony/issues?labels=Easy+Pick&page=1&state=open

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