20130802 irc meeting

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IRC transcription: http://irclog.codelabs.nl/view/symfony-cmf?from=2013-08-02%2010:00&till=2013-08-02%2011:30


  • Next priorities for RC tagging? Bring phpcr/jackalope/odm to RC or BlockBundle et al? (dbu)
  • BlockBundle (rmsint)
    • merge xml mappings first and pickup other PR and issues after that?
    • main topics: pwf, testing, standards


In attendance:

  • sjopet
  • dbu
  • dantleech
  • Willem-Jan
  • WouterJ

Round up

  • rmsint (unable to attend):


  • Worked like crazy removing bugs and standadizing core menu routing and content bundle
  • finalized orm mapping in touring and routing event
  • Currently hunting bugs in phpcr-odm translations
  • cmf.davidbu.ch sufferrer from GH stabilitiy issues, but working now


  • Did lots of work on getting bundles ready for RC1


  • Finally fixed simple pager
  • Added easy-pick (issue) label for all bundles
  • Looked at some MediBundle things


  • Didnt do anything


Next RC tagging round



  • dantleech promises to create an issue for each pending RC bundle with a bundle standards checklist.

  • BlockBundle, SimpleCmsBundle, phpcr-odm, DoctrinePhpcr

  • WouterJ working on standards for BBundle

  • BlockBundle is only missing testing component integration

  • sjopet will talk with rmsint about what remains to be done for Media

  • SonataPhpcr ready or not?

    • should be good, doesnt need to follow CMF standards, as not part of the cmf
    • no reason not to tag it, no blocking issues
  • Docs - need docs for SonataDoctrinePhpcr

  • TreeBrowser - unsure if we target this for RC1, dantleech is developing some replacement anyway

  • @todos: WouterJ points out that there are many @todos: https://github.com/search?l=&p=3&q=todo+%40symfony-cmf&type=Code

    • todo lists should be checked for RC1 bundles
  • Before 1.0 we should review the DocBlock documentation.

  • Make a sanity checklist for the 1.0 release, tests pass: y/n, docs are sane: y/n, coding-standards: y/n

  • Documentation PRs

    • We should enforce the rule that says we need an doc issue or PR for a feature before merging.
  • We should revise and complete the documentation for the currently RCed bundles

  • Talked about truenothphp coference in canada, dbu has submitted a talk

  • Actions:

  • Make checklist for bundle standards

  • RC BlockBundle and SimpleCmsBUndle next

  • Determine the state of MediBundle, get overview of remains to be done

  • Start completing documentating the RCed bundles


Other topics

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