20130809 irc meeting

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IRC transcription: http://irclog.codelabs.nl/view/symfony-cmf?from=2013-08-09%2010:00&till=2013-08-09%2011:30



In attendance:

  • dantleech
  • dbu (semi present)
  • lsmith (semi present)
  • sjopet
  • wjzijderveld (one eye)
  • wouterj
  • rmsint (joins later)

Round up


  • I have mainly worked on the SimpleCmsBundle
  • and helped out with some Testing component pulls from WouterJ


  • added publish workflow to blockbundle
  • tried to validate nullable=false in phpcr-odm saving
  • and helped on a looot of pull requests


  • did a lot of fixes for the tests
  • worked on fixing the cascade for references/referrers removals
  • that PR is almost done and fixes the issue in the sonata admin
  • need to finish the tests for references
  • while working on it i noticed some issues when doing flushes more than once
  • also need to add some tests there .. i fixed a few issues there with collections
  • otherwise just a lot of small stuff an clean ups


  • block - finishend XML mappings
  • media:
    • worked on Create PR - needs to be finishend to continue
    • blocking ATM is a design decission now concentrated in the MediaManager - it doesn't feel good enough yet


  • Reviewed a bunch of pr's
  • started cleaning up the SonataDoctrinePhpcrAdminBundle
  • and helped out with some MediaBundle things


  • Added the Testing Component to the BlockBundle


  • I've worked like a crazy on the Testing component. Trying to integrate the ORM
  • and fixed an important test bug this morning, submitting PRs to all bundles.


Documentation Structure

  • Add a Quik Tour explaining some core features of the CMF including:

    • Routing
    • Decoupled CMS
    • PHPCR (tree structure)
    • mentions about menu, blocks, Create, sonata integration
  • Seperate the bundle docs (bundles) from the bundle config (reference) The reference is an explanation of all config options, mostly linking to the bundle docs this reference should ideally be generated from the Configuration class wjzijderveld proposes to build a library for this.

BlockBundle RC1

dbu says the progression is going well, nicolas-bastien is doing some clean up and the bundle should be ready for rc-1 exept for the MediaBundle integration.

SimpleCmsBundle RC1

Nearly at RC1 now.

DoctrinePHPCRBundle status

phpcr-odm has a couple of outstanding issues dbu think's we really should go over the phpcr-odm PRs and decide what we really need for 1.0 and maybe live with some known bugs. dbu proposes lukas and him go over the tickets in Jira and try to throw out not strictly needed things.

MediaBundle status

rmsint has done a lot of work refactoring it really is progressing we should be merging soon even if its not completely ready yet so others can continue. It changes some core ideas on how the bundle works and we need that to be merged before other things can get picked up agan. sjopet plannes to add phpcr-mixins for the media bundle next week.

CreateBundle status

This bundle is almost ready for rc-1 but we can't switch to ckeditor until the ckeditor create.js integration bug is fixed. Bundle standards still need to be looked at.

TreeBrowserBundle RC1

Question is if we make it just working minimal and then see about a replacement for 1.1? dantleech has been working on the replacement and estimates it's about 80% done but is not sure he has enough time to complete it before 1.0. Bundle standards still need to be looked at.


Some renaming was done removing the last ORM references. sjopet will update the tickets and make a complete list of things that need to be done in milestone 1.0. All form types need to be tested and cleaned up where needed.


Dantleech has made a proposition for a new phpcr-odm query builder API https://gist.github.com/dantleech/6098615 lsmith has all sorts of comments about this so dantleech will make a ML post, if we havn't got a concencus he will do a write up and try and explain why he thinks his proposal is a good idea.

Other topics