20130927 irc meeting

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IRC transcription: http://irclog.codelabs.nl/view/symfony-cmf?from=2013-09-27%2010:00&till=2013-09-27%2011:30


  • Nicolas-Bastien asks if he can get git commit rights on the symfony-cmf organisation. How do we decide and do we have criterion?
  • Documentation - pre-requisite for 1.0? (dtl)
    • Is there / should there be a guieline for bundle documentation?
  • Discuss what needs to be done for 1.0
    • Can we tag 1.0.0 on monday?
  • cmf namespace for CND


  • DBU says that lukas has tagged PHPCR tool chain and alias is now required by querybuilder

  • dantleech says he submitted a blog post on doctrine website but its not merged yet

  • Discussed if Nico should be granted commit access, decision made to grant.

  • Discussed documentation pre-requisite. We will make this weekend a documentation-fest and see about a release next week depending on progress.

  • Anything to announce 1.0? Blog post on symfony.com. dbu volunteers to write it.

    • Should we add something visible on the front page of the CMF website relating to the stable "1.0" release?

In attendance:

  • dby
  • dantleech
  • rmsint
  • lsmith
  • sjopet

Round up


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