20131101 irc meeting

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IRC transcription: http://irclog.codelabs.nl/view/symfony-cmf?from=2013-11-01%2015:00&till=2013-11-01%2017:00



In attendance:

  • dbu
  • rmsint
  • wouterj
  • wjzijderveld

Round up


Timeline for 1.1

  • Decided to stick with the previous decision: one month after the core release. That means the feature freeze for 1.1 is end November and release will be end December
  • Due to the short development phrase, decided the main focus for 1.1 should be bug fixes, testing improvements, finishing things we couldn't finish for 1.0 (such as phpcr-odm joins) and input from other users. 1.2 would be a release with big new features.
  • Also decided to keep the versions of bundles more or less the same, to not confuse the users and to avoid problems with the documentation.

1.1 roadmap

  • Besides the previous mentioned things, the following ideas/features will be finished this month (more things can be added if people assign them to it):

    • dbu: bugfixes around admin, forms and phpcr, CreateBundle ORM support and maybe SyliusTaxonomyPhpcr support
    • rmsint: integration SonataMediaBundle and maybe split MediaBundle to component + bundle
    • WouterJ: db part of Testing and maybe ContentBundle ORM support

Working on features

  • Decided to create 1.1 milestoned issues for the features, instead of editing a wiki page. http://cmf.davidbu.ch will be our new roadmap

Other topics

  • "Removal of integrations in "core" packages": disagreed, it will cause a headache for dependency management and maintance. Concluded to make it a low priority, especially because dantleech was not available.
  • Speed improvements: logging to analyze speed problems; adding caching (e.g. ContentBundle + SonataCacheBundle). WouterJ is going benchmark the CMF using the Twig stopwatch tag.
  • Decided to create a list on cmf.symfony.com which keeps track of the talks/workshops about the CMF.