20141103 irc meeting

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This IRC meeting will be held at 20:00 CET, in the #symfony-cmf channel on freenode.

The topic will be the next steps for the CMF

Sprint plan that resulted from this IRC meeting is at Release 1.3


  • CMF next step: What, priorization and who?
    • Jackalope 2.0 (dtl, WouterJ)
    • CmfTreeUiBundle (dtl)
    • PHPCR-ODM node type integration (dtl)
    • ORM support for all core bundles
    • Roles
      • Document "roles", e.g. knp_menu('@main_menu'), path('@privacy_police'). See this discussion
      • Context, resource location and so Multisite (dtl)
    • Improving admin experience: GUI, available features for the admin, removing useless settings, etc. (wouterJ, ElectricMaxxx)
    • Reorganizing the docs (using the best practices?) (wouterj)
    • Creating bridges for implementations (wouterj)
    • SeoBundle - ErrorHandling, Sitemap generation (ElectricMaxxx)
    • integrate FOSHttpCacheBundle https://github.com/symfony-cmf/symfony-cmf/issues/211 (lsmith, dbu)
    • Finalize KnpMenu 2.0 upgrade
    • BlogBundle cleanup
    • Create.js improvements
      • i18n support
      • create content
    • Rest write support (lsmith)
  • CMF Hackday in wuerzburg/germany (dbu, ElectricMaxxx)

See also this email discussion


In attendance:

  • Wouter
  • Lukas
  • David
  • Max
  • Dan
  • Willem-Jan


Full transcription: http://irclog.codelabs.nl/view/symfony-cmf?from=2014-11-03%2020:00&till=2014-11-03%2023:59&query=

  • dbu: we have many ideas what could be done. but of course it all takes people to implement them

    • general agreement that we should choose high priority tickets and do them. woutrej: less features more fixing things.
    • dbu: just because its hard to focus on timely release we shouldnt stop trying
  • dbu proposes we each pick a topic from the agenda and explain why it should be a priority

  • electric max steps forward

    • Announces that the ErrorHandling and SiteMapGeneration features are going well and there is a PR for ErrorHandling.
  • WouterJ chooses Admin Experience

    • Realised that after returning to the CMF after working on another project that the Admin Experience needs more attention.
    • Believes the CMF has a good code base and DX
  • Dantleech talks about roles, puli and resource location ..

  • Lukas talks about improving Jackalope

  • lsmith: i wish we could push oak support .. but right now it seems oak doesnt out of the box have the apis .. and getting the old apis requires too much java foo

    • proposes that we invest time in REST support both for the "CMF" content/route documents and PHPCR.
  • dbu: FOSHttpCacheBundle integration into cmf.

  • -- everybody had had their turn --

  • Dbu proposes that we do not concentrate on the remaining topics.

  • talk of KnpMenu2.0 -- already an open pull request for that.

  • General agreement that we should not invest time now in TreeUiBundle but instead focus on improving the existing TreeBrowserBundle as part of the proposed admin UX improvements

  • dbu thinks there are "low handling fruits" in Sonata we should do, but we should also look into other solitions, e.g. Kunstmaan, ng-admin

  • ElextricMaxx announces CMF hackday in Würzburg => is going to take place 12/13th december

    • WouterJ proposes that we could profit from the Symfony DX hackdays
    • also that we could have a dual IRC/physical hackday
  • Dantleech talks about Jackalope 2.0

    • Basically tidy up the Transport and move things up from Jackalope FS / Doctrine-Dbal implementations which can be shared.
    • Mentioned modularizing certain components.
    • Lsmith mentions the possiblity of people being able to dual index RDBMS and PHPCR data
    • Jackalope FS
      • dbu reports good experience using ZendSearch
      • 90% towards passing phpcr-api-tests but performance is currently sub-optimal
    • Mention that drotter is going to develop vresioning for doctrine-dbal for thesius
  • Lsmith mentions CMF 2.0

    • Will be a time to make big changes
    • For example, unbundling the Sonata Admin support
  • Jackalope 1.2 scheduled roughly for beta end of November.

  • Hackday scheduled in Würzburg for the 12/13th December.

Other topics

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