A Big Tutorial

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The Idea

The idea is that there is a single tutorial with the aim of producing a CMS. This tutorial would cover all aspects of the Symfony CMF.

The tutorial will always start with "Creating a new project" and end with the user having created a CMS.

The subject of the tutorial will be something like a job website, a blog or a forum.

The tutorial will be abstracted into blocks, for example there could be a block called Routing and Menu. The user could then choose to follow the Combined Menu and Routing path or Separate Menu and Routing.

Each block can then further be broken down, e.g. Separate Menu and Routing would be have a path for Routing Auto and a path for Manual Routing.


Maintaining consistency

It would be ideal for each block to be treated as a black box - i.e. no matter which path a user takes, the state of the application would look the same after the user has completed a block. This would enable subsequent blocks to make assumptions about the state of the application.

The Primary Path

But this probably would not be possible, in which case we should define a Primary Path and each block would assume that the application was in the state according to this path.

The user would be responsible for translating the instructions appropriately if they have choosen an "alternative path".


It would be ideal to be able to automatically test the instructions given in the tutorial.

This could be done by adding some custom markup to the Sphinx documentation and having some sort of client which could parse the documentation and execute the steps.

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