CMF Packages

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Maintained Packages

These packages are actively maintained by the Symfony CMF team. The lead maintainer is the responsible for releasing new versions and leading development for the package.

Package Lead Maintainer
CoreBundle David (@dbu)
CreateBundle Wouter (@WouterJ)
ResourceBundle Max (@electricmaxxx)
ResourceRestBundle Max (@electricmaxxx)
RoutingBundle David (@dbu)
RoutingAutoBundle Dan (@dantleech)
SeoBundle Max (@electricmaxxx)
TreeBrowserBundle Wouter (@WouterJ)
Routing David (@dbu)
RoutingAuto Dan (@dantleech)
Testing Wouter (@WouterJ)
Slugifier API  
CMF Sandbox  
Standard Edition Wouter (@WouterJ)
symfony-cmf David (@dbu)

Abandoned Packages

In order to provide better support for the maintained packages, the following packages will not recieve new features. To support legacy applications, security and bug fixes will still be released. If you are willing to become part of the Symfony CMF team and are willing to lead development for one of these packages, join #symfony-cmf on IRC or send a mail to the mailing list.

  • SearchBundle
  • MediaBundle
  • SimpleCmsBundle
  • BlogBundle (no stable version available)