Hackathon Zurich 5 to 7 January 2012

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The hackathon for create.js will happen in the Liip Zurich office from Thursday to Saturday during the first week of January.

Location and date

We are in the Liip Office in Zurich, Feldstrasse 133.

The hackdathon happens from Thursday 5 to Saturday 7th in January 2012.

Sign up

Please sign up at http://lanyrd.com/2012/createjs-hackathon/


  • Common understanding of the tech stack (backbone - vie - create, hallo, ...)
  • Merge work from Liip forks upstream
  • Hack along

If you have something you specifically want to discuss / do, please add here


A good address close to the Liip office is Chreis 4 Hotel. Other addresses are Dakini, Hotel Rothaus. And with shared bathrooms Für Dich and Zum guten Glück.


There will be much happening around createjs.org and the Liip CMF editor. The idea is to merge the two projects and have everybody work under the same Flag after that! Create has become one of the most watched javascript project on Github and the visibility is now really important! It's a perfect timing to make things happen and I'm really glad that we do :-D

Henri Bergius from Finland will be here (probably with a colleague as well). He is the guy behind Create, VIE, hallo and most of the sweet stuff we use in the editor :-D I think it's a great chance to have him in our office and I'm sure you will enjoy working with him a lot!

There will be other initiatives happening during these exciting days. Some folks from Italy will join us and work on how to refactor your data using semantic technologies as well. Some other people, like Pierre and Igor from Nelmio will most probably join the party as well.

The output is of course not yet totally defined. It will for sure benefit the CMF project and especially the content editing part.