Hackday Zurich 10 Februar 2012

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A hackday to work on the SonataAdminBundle (and other cmf things the participants want to do)

Location and date

We are in the Liip Office in Zurich, Feldstrasse 133. The hackday starts at 9:30 - if you want to come from further away, you might want to arrive on thursday evening. Or you just drop in later :-)

The hackday is announced for 10th of february 2012, but we booked the meeting rooms for saturday 11th too, in case some people want to stay a bit more. Some people might also already arrive on thursday evening - lets just update this wiki page when people decide what they want :-)


You can of course join spontaneously, but if you already know you can come, it would be nice to know. Please subscribe here: https://rocketlab.liip.ch/event/phpcr_sonataadminbundle_hackday

Or enter your name below:

Uwe - uwej711 at googlemail.com

Johannes - starkj at gmx.de


  • Discuss the roadmap
  • Short demo of the SonataDoctrinePhpcrAdminBundle (nacho?)
  • Discuss ideas for the admin bundle
  • Hack along

If you have something you specifically want to discuss / do, please add here


A good address close to the Liip office is Chreis 4 Hotel. Other addresses are Dakini, Hotel Rothaus. And with shared bathrooms Für Dich and Zum guten Glück.