Hackday cologne october 2011

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Thanks everybody who attended! A summary of the hackday is in this Blog Post

Following the Symfony Day Cologne 2011, we will have a hackday on the CMF in Cologne, Germany. Interlutions kindly provides room for the hackday. We will start on Saturday October 22nd, at 10 a.m. and hack until they have to throw us out (or we decide to leave on our own accord).


You can of course join spontaneously, but if you already know you can come, it would be nice to know. Please edit the table below to announce yourself.

Who Contact Comment
David Buchmann david@liip.ch -
Henri Bergius henri.bergius@nemein.com Representing IKS and Midgard
Lukas Kahwe Smith smith@pooteeweet.org -
Christian Heinrich christian.heinrich@livando.com Will need introduction into the CMF :)
Uwe Jäger uwej711@googlemail.com -
Pierre Minnieur pm@pierre-minnieur.de
Piotr Pokora piotr.pokora@nemein.com Midgard developer


  • Discuss the roadmap
  • Menu, Content & URL finalization
  • Begin work on media asset management

If you have something you specifically want to discuss / do, please add here

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