IRC Meetings

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Weekly IRC Meeting


IRC meeting to be held every friday at 9 am GMT (means continental europe 10:00) in #symfony-cmf on

An email/invitation should be sent out to the ML the day before with the existing agenda points.

  • The chair person should be rotated each week based on the rota below.
  • The previous chair should take notes
  • Scrum "daily" of important things that happened this week
  • Go over the notes from last meeting to see if things happened, discuss problems
  • Discuss each topic of the topic list
  • Retro

Chair Rota

The following people have previously or have shown an interest in chairing the meetings, we should rotate alphabetically each week.

  • @dantleech
  • @dbu
  • @fazy
  • @lsmith
  • @sjopet

Meeting notes

IRC Meeting Notes