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There are both web and CLI interfaces for managing repositories.

There are "phpmyadmin" style tools to browse a PHPCR repository.


Marmelab phpcr-browser

This is a Silex application and very simple to set up. It will enable you to view your repository trees, and dig into each node and property. It is written in pure PHP (Silex) and JavaScript. The drawback is that for now, there is no write support, so you can not create, edit or delete nodes and properties.

Setup instructions are found in the readme of the git repository.


This is a Java application that works with Jackrabbit. The plus is that it will give you all the admin power you need, like:

  • Drag and dropping of nodes with subnodes
  • Removing nodes
  • Editing properties
  • Searching

Currently Jackrabbitexplorer doesnt support viewing weak references (properties are left out). Due to a bug in jackrabbit see . As soon as this bug is fixed in a new stable release, the authors promise a new jackrabbitexporer release.

Setting up jackrabbitexplorer

This setup guide is based on this blog post by netvlies.

Prerequisites for setting up


Jackrabbit explorer is built as a war file which must be run in a java-enabled-webapp-server, like tomcat, jboss, etc. This manual focusses on tomcat6.

I won't go into detail how to setup tomcat6, I assume you know how to this, and there are many manuals which will explain how to do so.


(Consider moving jackrabbit into tomcat6 as well, this way you will save memory because you just need one java-enabled-webapp-server. Also other servers like Solr can be installed within tomcat)

You will need a running jackrabbit server. It doesnt matter if it runs under tomcat6 or as standalone server. Jackrabbit explorer will run on both.

Setting it up


If all went well, you can find the app by navigating to your tomcat webserver e.g. http://localhost:8081/jackrabbitexplorer

Here you need to fill in your connection params to your jackrabbit server. I have only tested the RMI connection. Some examples:

When running jackrabbit as WAR (tomcat is on 8081)

When running jackrabbit standalone on 8080

Screenshots and background details

See netvlies blog


This is a Symfony2 console application which wraps the standard PHPCR-Util commands in an interactive shell.

It is inspired both by the standard MySQL shell and standard filesystem navigation commands (ls, cd, mv, etc).

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