Roadmap for 2.1

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We decided to do a quick and short release aproximately one month after symfony anounces Symfony 4.0. So we would like to do some changes to be completely compatible with Symfony 4.0 and each of us could add/chose one or more tasks he will definetly finalize until november.

Symfony 4.0

In general our code is tested on Symfony 3.3 so it should work with Symfony 4.0 at all. What we should do are quick fixes on best practice and add flex support for our bundles. Symfoyn itself is on its way to create a checklist

Task electrimaxxx - REST interface on content-bundle

Since years we dream of having a complete REST interface on content-bundle. That means we are able to POST, PATCH and DELETE on routes of our content object, that we currently call by GET only. Having those routes we have to adjust our route enhancer to do method aware action matches.

Task dbu - ???

tbd. or delete

Task WouterJ - ???

tbd. or delete

Ideas Section

Disclaimer: This is currently a loosly list of ideas (of @electricmaxxx), which needs to be completed

Hierarchy Restrictions

  • central interface creates a list of valid children based on doctrine-orm configuratio or is able to check a document
  • move route on resources should respect it
  • tree-browser should decline it client site


  • create POST, PATCH routes on content API (GET is working for different formats, routing and enhancing is the problem)
  • create POST/PATCH routes on resource-rest
  • both should be aware of hierarchy restrictions

Drag&Drop Block Creation

  • admin view to create and position blocks
  • netgen Layouts would be a good choice when opesourced

Symfony 3.3/4.0 support

  • Flex
  • other compatibility issues
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