Integrates javascript tree browser with PHPCR and PHPCR-ODM.
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Symfony CMF Tree Browser Bundle

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This bundle is part of the Symfony Content Management Framework (CMF) and licensed under the MIT License.

The TreeBrowserBundle provides tree navigation for the PHP Content Repository (PHPCR). This bundle comprises two parts:

  • Generic tree browser with a "TreeInterface"
  • PHPCR-specific tree browser implementation with GUI


  • Symfony 2.3+
  • FOSJsRoutingBundle
  • jQuery (SonatajQueryBundle strongly suggested)
  • See also the require section of composer.json


For the install guide and reference, see:

See also:


Pull requests are welcome. Please see our CONTRIBUTING guide.

Unit and/or functional tests exist for this bundle. See the Testing documentation for a guide to running the tests.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed already.