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symblog tutorial - Creating a blog in Symfony2


This project is the documentation source for the symblog tutorial located at

Full details of this project can be found at the symblog tutorial site.

The first 6 parts are currently available:

  1. Symfony2 Configuration and Templating
  2. Contact Page: Validators, Forms and Emailing
  3. The Blog Model: Using Doctrine 2 and Data Fixtures
  4. The Comments Model: Adding comments, Doctrine Repositories and Migrations
  5. Customising the view: Twig extensions, The sidebar and Assetic
  6. Testing: Unit and Functional with PHPUnit

Demo site

The demo site for this project can be found at


symblog is currently under active development and is using Symfony 2.0.3


This tutorial is created using Sphinx. Follow the install instructions on their website. When installed run 'make html' in the project route to output the tutorial in html format. The generated html files will be placed in _build